May 4, 2013 Energy Flow Update

Posted on May 4, 2013


May 4, 2013 Energy Flow Update

Our intuition and gut feelings will be on high and extremely accurate today. No matter how you get your messages from the Universe, be sure to have yourself tuned in. We will be “in the Know” about most of what is happening, before it happens. For those who have honed their psychic abilities, expect to even amaze yourselves with how accurate you will be this weekend. Again the power of dreams and visions will meet up with an energy flow that will help us know just which ideas to follow up with and which ones to let go. We have our plates overfilled, and today we can really discern what needs to stay and what can move along. After this weekend we will feel like we have more room to grow the things that truly matter. And that will feel wonderful!

Enjoy this lovely day!

It is that time again ALREADY!!!

It is that time again ALREADY!!! The calm and bustle before the main event is happening now!