Weekend Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report May 3-5, 2013

Posted on May 2, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Orange, Purple, Pink, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors

Black, Silver, Blue, Brown

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors

White, yellow, Gold, Orange, Red

old fashioned daffodils, also know as paper whites.

old fashioned daffodils, also know as paper whites.

My pinks getting ready to bloom.

My pinks getting ready to bloom.

Tuxx on Gregg's lap

Tuxx on Gregg’s lap

Cosmo lounging

Cosmo lounging

Starting Friday morning and lasting 14 hours, we have a final period of flux before we start a weekend made for finalizing plans and getting stuff done. Loose ends are coming together and we will finally see the most realistic dreams in the most attainable light. Any ideas that are not grounded in a set of solid resources from which to build them will not be allowed to infiltrate the energy pool we are using now. Whatever we set our mind to and accomplish this weekend will have the lasting power of the ages. And it will have to be realistic and provide stability or we will not be interested in spending time on it.

We will be focused on security and alternatives that support peace and health. We are ready to address the issues that have been keeping us from moving into our next phase.

Spend Friday from 12:20 a.m. EST to 2:25 p.m. EST doing everyday tasks, exercising or working on something with instant results, like cleaning out the refrigerator, closet, desk, drawer, etc. Wait to set appointments and dates until after 2:30 p.m. EST

Then, let the manifesting begin! We will feel a bit golden in some area of our lives, even if we are getting a STERN talking to in other areas (by the Universe &/or other people). Be sure to write a letter of thanks for whatever goals you have going now. It is a very strong time to ask for help, from other Humans, the Universe and Creator.

The letter should read something like:

Dear Creator, Universe and All Powers,

Thank you for sending me the best home for me to live in. I am very thankful and humble that guidance and the most comfortable and safest place for me to live has been given to me.

All my love and thanks,

(sign your name)

Be careful to focus on all the details of any deals, rules or contracts that you may encounter at least twice, as we are apt to miss things in the dreamy-ness of this energy. Working together and creating something wonderful is a hallmark of this weekend.

If the opportunity even peeks at you….take it! Ask for it! Jump up and down and DEMAND it! For as many blocks as we are encountering in this flow, there is a moment here where a melding of important relationships can solidify and even begin. IN that moment we will see the way that difficulty creates our Best Life. It may be fleeting, but we will glimpse the “why” behind trying events and circumstances. Hold onto that memory, as it is filled with the power to help reprogram our minds from looking at life with a need-based perspective to looking at it with an abundant perspective.

Again, a reminder to pay close attention to dreams, visions and contacts from other dimensions/consciousness levels. There is important information that will help to make our lives the Best available, and the energy will make it easier to get to than it is typically. Write the thoughts and flashes down when you have them, as they will be important later. Even tomorrow or ten minutes from now.

Cleaning, clearing and donating are all highly supported this weekend. Core family time will also be cherished, spend time with the ones you live with everyday doing something easy and loving. A movie and pizza, a trip to the park, a walk around the block, story time or going through family photos are all great ideas.

Make the most of this weekend and the energy of support and affirmation it brings. Take chances, go with your gut. Do not be afraid…we are on the best path…go with it and give as much assistance as you are able. You will be rewarded with more than you need in return.