Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report May 1-2, 2013

Posted on April 30, 2013


Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Yellow, Gold, Brown, Orange

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Burgundy, Purple, Turquoise, Green

The April full moon peeking through the pines trees.

The April full moon peeking through the pines trees.


Glowing full moon


Our resolve to commit to responsible action will be a major player today. Those things, that behavior, that habit, those regrets are about to get an answer from us. We have the support of determined action to help us make a major move toward the personality, belief or lifestyle change. The action does not have to be large or grand, it just has to be real and focused on embracing the renewed you.

Our quick and scattered minds will get a welcomed slow down as the day progresses. We will be able to take time to consider the information we have been gathering and make the most use of it. We will have great determination and be ready to outlast any issues that get in the way of our accomplishments.

Details will be important and we will be honing in on those that are key to creating our best reality.

It is May Day, And the calendar celebration of the cross-quarter day of the Sun. It actually occurs on May 5th this year. In farming and hunting times, it was actually the beginning of summer, which is why the summer solstice is considered “mid-summer”.

Today is a good day to write an abundance check, a request for help to the Universe or make a vision board. May 5th will also be a good day for this. The energy of this entire month is very fluid, dreamy, intuitive  full of contacts from other times, people who are no longer on this Earth and Being who have information and guidance for our next leg of the journey. Take advantage of writing down dreams, visions, experiences and contacts you may have.

Wednesday is a good day for communication and Thursday will be expansive. Surprises and unexpected events, out of the blue calls and conversations will be part of our mid-week. Be on the look out for helpers in the midst of those who seems to be standing in our way. Wherever we are blocked or stopped, there is a way around, through or over. Our focus, precision  perseverance and determination help us to become our best as we find our way through the obstacles.

Hang on, hang in and hang tough. We will make it, we will become The Best Human Beings ever. We have to continue to redirect, accept, acquire alternative knowledge and stay true to our hearts. The more of us who focus on this energy input, the easier it comes for all of us to achieve. Above all, in this life, during these times, we need to feel the support that we all want healthy, balanced bodies, minds and souls. We give this to each other by never giving up and continuing to get up and try again even when we face set backs or detours.

Enjoy the celebration of growth and new beginnings!