4-30-2013 Energy Flow Update

Posted on April 30, 2013


A day we will be stopping to consider alternatives to the “typical” way we have been living, working, acting and/or believing.
We have been feeling a need…even a requirement, to make a major change in something, some part of our life that is not, does not feel like it belongs any more.
We may feel it physically, emotionally and mentally.
Most likely we have been trying to ignore hints and messages letting us know this shift must happen.
Today is a day we will feel supported in knowing we can let go of this old pattern and start looking for what should take its place.
Alternatives that will nourish those areas we have been turning into ruts with fresh, growth energy.
Understand that embracing this change will not mean we lose our identity. It means we are ready to be Our Very Best…to be more healthy, open, loving and ready to become the person this world and our life needs the most…Now!
Not the old person that got us here, but the next person, who will continue to take is there…to our dreams!

Take one step…do one thing…let go of the fear and try it!