Grape Hyacinths and Honey Bees

Posted on April 29, 2013


In my front yard tonight. The Sun was at a perfect angle and a couple of honey bees were busy working the pretty and fragrant grape hyacinths. These are heirlooms, coming from my grandmother, who brought them from Kentucky from her grandparents. They brought them from The Carolina’s when they moved here in the early 1700’s. I am gonna guess they were brought to America from England. Fun to think about how far and wide those little bulbs have divided and grown!

IMG_7987 IMG_7988

A fun mid-flight!

A fun surprise…in mid-flight!

IMG_7990 IMG_7991 IMG_7994 IMG_7995 IMG_7996 IMG_7997 IMG_7998 IMG_7999 IMG_8000 IMG_8001