Weekend Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Thursday-Sunday April 25-28, 2013

Posted on April 23, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Green, Burgundy, Purple, Turquoise

Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Orange, Peach, Lavender, Red

Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Blue, Brown, Gray

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Orange, Yellow, Gold, White

Tuxx looking very com=purr=table! He is so happy!

Tuxx looking very com=purr=table! He is so happy!

The emotional, suspicious, mysterious, loyal, resource and finance focused full moon is the star of our show this weekend. We have a lunar eclipse to got along with it (the first of three eclipse events in a row this spring). This will amplify everything about the energy that accompanies a full moon. This is because on an energy basis, we are going through an entire month’s worth of moon phases in just a minutes. The Energy or “veil” (as it has been called) that separates the different places, spaces and dimensions of this Universe will be very pliable and blending, starting now and continuing for the next whole month. Expect to see and dream of loved ones who have passed on, guides from the Universe, angels and all sorts of other Beings that are with us. We will be more aware and alert to the fact that there are many realities happening in the Universe at every moment. We can use that information and those vibrations to improve our lives greatly over the next few weeks! Keep paper handy and write down everything you see, hear or think that may be coming from other spaces.

We talked about some of the energies we will be dealing with this week…relationship checks, becoming more serious or letting go and moving on…finance checks, how we relate to and use our money, as well as how we are going to make our lives more stable by learning to be more careful and thoughtful with it….check here for others.

This energy is the highest all month and it will feel that way. We can expect to reveal information to others and to uncover information. The energy of this moon is to pursue the answers until we find them, at all costs. JUST BE SURE that you REALLY want to know the answer before you go digging too deep. Nothing will ever be the same once the “man behind the curtain” is revealed. In most cases this is a good thing. But if the Universe is not ready for something to be found out, it can be a rough event for no reason. If the knowledge does not present itself easily, move along to another area and start digging. The place you are supposed to learn about and grow through will not be hard to find. After all, we have been being knocked in the head with it A BUNCH lately.

Friday is a bit of a hazy day, a little hang over to go along with the heady energy of this week. Doing regular tasks, working on projects already in progress or lazing around reading  writing or watching favorite movies will be the best use of today. This starts at 4:55 a.m. EST Friday morning (April 26) and lasts through 7:35 a.m. Saturday morning ( April 27). Do not set appointments or event dates, as they will have to be changed later if you do. (Which can be an advantage if you want to re-schedule something…then go ahead and make the appointment!)  We may find ourselves spacing out and day dreaming today. Use that energy for visualizing your best life.Take sometime again today to visit the place in your mind where your dreams and goals have come true and you are living in that moment. See, feel, hear, smell and taste all of the things that make up this reality. The food, the people, the clothes the furniture, the music, the places, the scenery, everything you can think of that will be part of this most wonderful moment. Spend time dreaming and even remembering what it will be like when your physical body is in this place you desire. Doing this sends the signal to the Universe that you are ready and willing to be this person, who has accomplished this goal.

January's cold full moon (2013)

January’s cold full moon (2013)

Saturday and Sunday are both active, social days which are OPPORTUNE for making business contacts of all types. If you have something to offer, a grand idea even an out-of-this-world sales pitch, share it with at least one someone. Luck is on an up tick and you never know who will bite unless you take a chance and throw your hook in the water (so to speak).

Plan a get together, start a group, go on a family outing, whatever you do, go have some fun! The energy for Saturday and Sunday loves to have a good time, so indulge it and take some time to relax, let go of the responsibility and worry of everyday, and really be engulfed in just being happy being alive. Even if it is just for a few hours, we deserve it! And those around us who love us daily will enjoy the uplift in our spirits!

These are great days to take action and do work toward our major dreams. If you have time, work on a project that is a dream of your heart. Our best efforts given now will have long-lasting, deep rooting power. This will help to stabilize our path and make our foundation even more solid. Hard work now will be rewarded richly, so do what you can, even if it is a small, quick thing.

Sunday is the peak of the energy that has had all of us feeling like little kids who have gotten in trouble for blowing off our home work and playing with our friends. We will have eye-opening and not too pleasant glimpses of how not responsible we have been in some areas of our lives. Try not to be wrapped up in what is already done. Instead focus on how to change your behavior to start doing things they in a way that will make sure your life is the best it can be.

There is A LOT going on this weekend. Luck is all around, grab some! Take time for you, take time to spend with your romantic partner and take time to gather with those who make you laugh and feel wonderful. Walk away and lay low if it gets too intense, and expect to have new ideas, new insights and seemingly new information coming at us all weekend! Enjoy and please be safe!!!!

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