Tuesday & Wednesday Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report April 23-24, 2013

Posted on April 22, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Silver, Red, White

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Yellow, Gold, Brown, Green

A tulip floating in my front yard.

A tulip floating in my front yard.

Tuesday are action days. We are also in an action seeking energy wave, so take some. Do real, tangible things toward your goals where possible. If they are not in the “doing” stage, let’s not forget that we can visualize and think about things. This is a very important stage in every reality we have. The thoughts we think and the plans we imagine are the framework upon which our every moment of life is built.

 There are going to be projects and goals you want to work on, but others will demand we be responsible to the actions that it takes to keep the now happening. To satisfy the burning need to at least “do something”, take time to simple day dream, think and visualize the things that are not quite part of daily life now, but we want them to be at some point. Sit or lay somewhere quietly, and allow yourself to drift into a place in your imagination where the new plan has already been happening. A place where your reality IS living a life that includes this un-materialized event, situation, place or person. While you are there, immerse yourself in how it feels to be living this new reality. Think of the wonderful, happy things that will be going on, and also of the responsibilities you will have. Think of the obstacles you will have had to overcome to be on that side of achieving the dream. Allow your body and mind to feel as if it has already happened. This will serve as a major action toward making progress without being able to do something more tangible now.

Tuesday and Wednesday (and the rest of the week), we will be challenged to make sure our communication and information are being conveyed clearly and that it is understood. People will be thinking more slowly, taking more time to comprehend (including us). You may have to use a bit of patience when explaining something or listening to someone else to avoid misunderstandings or mistakes. Also, expect some mess up because of this and do not be too aggravated if you have to re-do some things.

Our best bet is to keep plugging away. Keep taking steps: small, slow, steady, tip-toe, even crawls, but keep moving. It IS the only way to live, to love and to enjoy this life. We have but two choices; live or go on. Most of us are not going to stop living this life until nature says it is time. We may as well embrace the cadence, the rhythm, because it takes lots of useful energy to continue to work against the flow. Even if your part is in a different key or the beat is off a bit, as long as you are trying to find a groove to be comfortable, you are doing it The Best way possible.

Our mid-week is talkative, social with meeting and contacts likely. Romance may be in the mix as well, the more sensual the better. Do not try to start any new long term relationships, now is not a supported flow for lifetime partners to hook up.

We may be indecisive or judgmental. Try to reserve the harsh judgments for later in the week. Do not take up too much time with going back and forth about what’s for dinner or what color to paint the wall. If you really cannot decide, wait until Thursday, or flip a coin. Waiting will be best for major decisions; rock/paper/scissors/lizard/Spock is a good way to figure out where to eat or who sits in the front seat.

Some of us may be in the situation of being pressured to make a commitment or even signing a contract. If you are not comfortable with the circumstances, if your gut says “NO! NOT NOW!!” really loud over and over…stall. Put it off or reschedule until next week.

We have all been learning lessons in self-discipline (or the lack of it) in some place of our lives. Each of us has a place where our will power is weak and we give into unhealthy behaviors. We are being smacked upside the head with all of the reasons why we should modify, stop or change our “lax ways”. Doing it is always easier to say that to accomplish. It may feel like trying to chisel a diamond out of a rock. It is HARD work, but the reward, the payoff at the end will be more than worth the effort. The caveat here is that for most of us, if we do not make the needed changes to remove the things that are blocking us from moving into the next Best phase of our life, The Universe will cause events to happen that will force us to make the changes needed to manifest the reality we have been dreaming about. Sometimes, as we all know, we actually do have to be kicked in the gut in order to leave our comfort zone. Doing ourselves a favor and making an effort to change something detrimental may help ease the shift of our lives, instead of it having to be a major shock.

Continue to use breathing tools, color visualization, counting to ten, hand-over-heart and the worried/obsessive thought stopper to help balance out the high and low emotions that will challenge our week.

Please remember, I love questions and will always have a few ideas that you can use right away to restore calm and clarity when things get highly stressed. Please leave me a comment or contact me by e-mail at theamber@comcast.net  for easy ways to help yourself, friends and family.

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And I thank you, again for taking time to use this info. I am honored that you trust me as a guide and will always shine the light bright and clear!

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cc2010-2013 The Amber Light Publishers
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