Monday Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 4-22-2013

Posted on April 21, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Lavender, White, Silver, Cream

My awesome camera set up on the tripod for sun and moon pictures.

My awesome camera set up on the tripod for sun and moon pictures. And yes that is the pool opened today!

Today is a good day for all sorts of work. Details will be important, be careful not to get caught up in them. Details can be momentum killers. They are needed, but can always be picked up later.

Our realtionships will most likely be undergoing changes in dynamics. Keeping the peace with everyone will nearly impossible. Expect there to be at least one partnership that will be shaken up.

Major changing events will be happening, with hidden reasons for them being revealed after Thursday  This week will be very emotional, tense and full of revelations. As we approach the full moon and the lunar eclipse, this is the first of two moon cycles that see the energy of the Universe become more “pliable”, more “see-through”.

WE can expect our psychic sense will be working better, no matter how well yours works. Those who have honed their skills will be assured of messages and contacts in both waking and dream-time. Those who are typical, having “gut feelings” and perhaps a “ghostly” encounter now and then should expect to be more in tune with others, knowing what will be said or what might happen before it does. Dreams and visions of loved ones and guides to help give us direction for the up coming events in our lives. They will also have information on how to work through our grief and anger, our inability to comprehend the the craziness in our world and how each single one of us is large enough to help lift the energy of this world with the love we generate daily.

The energy of activity has a steady and lasting quality now. Take time this week to use the revealing power of the full moon to reach out and share big ideas and projects. It is time to share our work in order to get the feedback and input needed to continue growing.

Watch for accidents, silly arguments and tensions over mis-information. Exercise, walking, meditation and prayer are all good outlets for the stress we will be dealing with.

Be sure to focus on detail work if possible, the tiy parts that make the big picture flow together easily. Enjoy the start to the work week and the highest energy week of the month.