Thursday Power Colors and Energy Flow Report April 18, 2013

Posted on April 17, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Turquoise, Burgundy, Purple, Green

White violets I saw on my walk tonight...before the storm that passed to the east of our house.

White violets I saw on my walk tonight…before the storm that passed to the east of our house.

OUr day will start with much of the same feeling we have had the past couple. For whatever reason, people are tired, although the energy is increasing with the approach to the full moon. As the day progresses, we will find ourselves more and more in the mood to compete and perhaps combat.

We are still in the sweet spot of action. Especially today, we should make strides toward being a better US. Take time to do something that shows your commitment to YOU! Do something physical…walk, exercise (PX90, Mark), yoga, do something to stretch your muscles, your body and feel the Human the you are Being.

We need to watch for our tempers to flare up. But if there are moments of Challenge and conflict, they will be “flash in the pan” type of moments…over as quickly as they burn hot, with no real lasting harm done.

Our self is center stage for the next couple of days. As above, take some time to support you: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Spend time doing what you love, whatever it is. Some of us will be irritable, but it will only last for the day.We slide into an even more easy going, laid back attitude by Friday. The nice thing is our motivation to perform and achieve will continue, with staying power that will help our efforts to last.

Enjoy the day. Hold your tongue when possible and do not let your temper trick you into making a scene you will want to apologize for later.

PS…be aware we are accident prone…especially with fire, explosions, and vehicle accidents….use extra care and come home safely!!!