Monday Power Colors & Energy Flow Report April 15, 2013

Posted on April 14, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Lavender, Cream, Silver, White

Sunday night's crescent moon putting on a great show in place of the aurora borealis.

Sunday night’s crescent moon putting on a great show in place of the aurora borealis.

Emotions will be on high. Family and home are the focus and financial security is at the top of the list. Our fast and furious pace will begin to slow and our tempers ease today. We will see a continual trend to relaxing and being thorough.

Many of us continue to bump heads with authority and tradition. If you are trying to buck the current system, now is the time to take a breather  Headway toward a new way of doing things will not be forthcoming at this time.

Our passion and amour is still feeling hot, continue to rekindle to fires or enjoy brief encounters-without attachment  This energy can also be seen in working on creative projects and the enthusiasm we show for making them more than wonderful.

Starting today, we will take our turns at having Ah-Ha moments all over the place. We will be seeing details, information and perspective that have been hiding from us. We may put together several pieces and events to uncover the real “reason” for events that have occurred in the past. Those that make no sense at all, those that seem to be one thing and turn out to be something else, those that seem to be more wonderful than they truly are.

We will gain great insight into projects we have been working, partnerships we have been considering and knowledge we have been seeking.

Be on guard for emotional breakd0wns, which are leading to breakthroughs. They can be dramatic in the heat of the moment, but they will be beneficial in the end.

Also, much needed good luck and abundance will be coming through for many of us. Take yours with grace and gratitude. Some of us are used to always being the “givers”. At this time, the giving maybe done by those who typically are on the receiving end of donations (of time, money, resources, volunteering). If you find yourself in the opposite role, be nice and enjoy the view from another perspective.

Have a great start to the week and enjoy the night sky if you get a chance!