Wednesday Daily Power Colors & New Moon Energy Flow Report April 10, 2013

Posted on April 9, 2013


Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Yellow, Green, Brown, Orange, Gold

A new Moon in the high energy and action sign of Aries. We may be prone to act first and thing later. Most of the time it preferred to think a bit first, but sometime jumping in and dealing with the aftermath is the only way. This will be one of those periods. The next month will be filled with conflicts of what we should do and what we need to change. We will also be int he process of tearing down or tearing out and changing the things that are not working for us…and globally as a world community.

The nice thing is we do have a softness to our delivery and to our ability to go with the flow. Hurt feeling will not be so deep and we will be able to move along to the next Best Thing more easily if the first does not work out.

Some of us will still be dealing with the head-butting of traditional actions and roles with the need to change, be free and expand our minds. Traditional thinking is going to stick around and for now, going with the rules will help those of us who are making changes to continue to get along in the world as it remains. Keen in mind…it is changing, and we are beginning to see and understand, so hold tight for a little longer…it is coming.

Spending time with those we love, cherish and admire will be a prevalent theme to go along with this new moon energy. today (Wednesday) is better for preparing, rather than acting. Our actions today will be fast and short-lived in endurance. The real shift comes Thursday, when our lasting and stable energy kicks in and we will be able to give ourselves the foundation we meed to really make strides in the changing areas. Ones we will be comfortable and committed to.

As for gardening….start planting Thursday. or after 6;00 am EST Wednesday. Pruning to encourage growth will be useful now as well.

Gemstones…Thursday will be a good day to bury your stones in earth and leave them until the next Full Moon. (April 25) This will charge them with the solid energy of the earth, will release built up negative vibrations and make them ready to be a solid foundation for the next phase of your life changes. Use a pot of dirt or mark a place in your garden to bury and leave your stones safely.

Love and high physical passion continue to color our week with flirtations, temptations and needed intimacy with our loves. Take time ot let those who make your heart sign and body rock know they matter. And do not forget…the brief affair is okay, but nothing to lose a life’s work over. If you can’t enjoy with compromising your world and hurting others, the use your mind to fantasize and enjoy from the safety of your imagination.

Gregg's BFF Dave arriving from Omaha, with Tuxx and Gregg to greet him!

Gregg’s BFF Dave arriving from Omaha, with Tuxx and Gregg to greet him!