Tuesday Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 4-9-2013

Posted on April 8, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Red, Black, Silver, White

A low energy day leading up to the new Moon Wednesday morning (evening in Asia). We will feel impatient  even jittery, but overall tired. If you can sleep or take a nap, do so.  Also a long bath in Epsom salts or your favorite bubble bath will help settle the anxiousness.

Our end of the week will be full of shifting energies, so rest up if you have the chance.

Be careful not to argue, as we may feel frustrated by the conflict of being physically tires but mentally stimulated.

This is a good day to clean out closets, clean out desk, drawers, the attic as we will be more likely to let go of things we really do not need. It is also a good day  to go for a long walk or spend time researching or reading up on a favorite topic or new interest.

Enjoy the day and thanks to everyone who takes time to stop, use and share this information…you all keep me writing!

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Gregg's Birthday Surprise...yummy Cheryl's Cookies. They taste like melt in your mouth cakes!

Gregg’s Birthday Surprise…yummy Cheryl’s Cookies. They taste like melt in your mouth cakes!