Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report April 8th, 2013

Posted on April 7, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Silver, White, Cream, Lavender

The last day of fuzzy, dreamy will give way in the afternoon to a bit more energy. Full throttle will not come until Tuesday, so for now we dream, visualize and spend time with self care. Walks, baths, meditation, reading, good movies, long conversations. All of these are supportive  ways to use this dreamy, foggy energy.

Cleaning out the old to make way for the fast, entering new will also be useful now. But as the energy has but sluggish, we may only feel like getting by and not making too much of an effort. If that is how you feel, then do as little as possible.

Keep track of your dreams and visions, as they are as always important and full of information we need to accomplish our goals.

Our hot passionate attraction to others is still in full swing. Be sure you are only engaging with someone you are committed to or understand that the encounter will be fleeting, not long lasting.

Our ability to see those who have left their human bodies and being that are not confined to Earth will be high now as well. Enjoy having contact with those you need guidance from. It is blessing for both you and them.

A dreamy way to travel!

A dreamy way to travel!