Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report April 6-7, 2013

Posted on April 5, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Silver, Brown, Blue

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Yellow, Gold, Orange, Peach

Me soaking in the morning sun at work.

Me soaking in the morning sun at work.

What an interesting week. For some it has been very difficult, due to life changing energy. Also there has been major head-butting going on between the want/need to be free and not continue to abide by the traditional and the need for rules, structure and desire to preserve the status-quo  At this time, the energy supports continuing to follow the traditional, as much as we may feel like busting out.

These two energies will continue into next week. If you in the midst of a crisis or battling with a child, parent, employee or co-worker, take some time this weekend to decompress. Go for a long walk, drink LOTS of fluids (water if you can) eat some veggies and fruits, take a bath with Epsom salts and some citrus. (These are great ideas for everyone, as the energy flow is very hot, dry and fiery now.)

Our weekend will be passionate, dreamy, sensual, flirty, artsy, creative and perhaps secluded. We are in the lowest energy week of the month, so we are all feeling tired and the “go with the flow” energy of the weekend will continue to have us wanting to lounge. Due to the quick nature of the Sun Sign Aries, it seems like the days and nights are going by very fast. The sleep part seems like it is over in minutes, not hours. If you are feeling this way, it is not just you…no that it makes it feel any better to roll over and think you should have six more hours to sleep instead of six minutes!

The mood has been feeling lighter this week, as we are able to use the energy of the Universe to help us get some things done and resolved. Dreams are still very vivid, and as always full of meaning. Make sure to write down what you can remember, and ask someone to tell you what it means. Or you can look them up on line, but it helps to have someone with a good intuition to help decipher the many meanings you may find.

Bottom line….take time for you this weekend. Spend some time outside if possible. Read a good novel, watch a favorite movie or cuddle up with a loved one (human, animal or yourself) to relieve and de-stress. Make note of your dreams, day dreams and visions as they will be helpful in accomplishing your goals.

Do not take flirtations too seriously, and be sure to do the hot and heavy passion with someone you can trust to either stay true or to let go, depending on what you want. Do not expect the one night stand to last. Have fun but do not get attached. Do expect an intimate night with a long time partner to bring you closer and more deeply in love.

Enjoy the weekend and please…send me any comments or questions…you know I love to help!