Tuesday & Wednesday Personal Power Colors and Energy Flow Report April 2-3, 2013

Posted on April 1, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Silver, White, Red

Wednesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Brown, Green, Yellow, Orange, Gold

Gregg made my egg this year.

Gregg made my egg this year.

Earthy and stubborn, we will be in a mode to get it done. We will be thorough and methodical, ensuring whatever we are doing will be done the best we are able. We may take a bit longer to get things done, but they will be done well and with long-lasting energy. Be ware of the stubborn streak that comes with this wave of energy, as it can cause us to get bogged down and miss deadlines over trivial issues. It does not always have to be done “just so” to be acceptable and to work well. Make sure to set your appointments and begin new projects tomorrow. Do not do either Wednesday, as they will not turn out or will have to be rescheduled.

Along with this earthy, sensual energy is the building of physical passion that will be hot & heavy most of the week. If you are noticing someone new or different, noticing someone in a physical way that you never have before, this energy is at the root. It will peak this weekend, with many of us enjoying passionate romance. For some it will be a one night stand, for others it will be a welcomed spark to rekindle and remind us of the reasons why we were attracted to each other in the beginning.

***Be sure to remember, do not chance losing a stable, long term relationship for the heat of the moment.***

“Hook-ups” will not lead to lasting relationships during this time, so do not set yourself up for hurt by being over-attached. If you can do the “fling thing”, then by all means have fun. Otherwise, opt for doing something creative like making something, writing, drawing or painting something you feel passionate about. If you are in a relationship, make time to go out on a “dress-up” date, go some where new, try something you have not tried together before, do something together for the first time.

We may also have a tendency to argue or defend our opinion to a fault. Knowing when to let go will help us to stay out of a blow up we do not need to have. Passion includes feelings of joy, love, hate and anger. This energy wave is high in the passion department. Take care not to use that passion to create bad or hurtful situations. Make yourself walk away, count to twenty and don’t forget to use permeating pink light if the situation gets angry.

This energy wave can be VERY productive and can bring existing relationships new life and happiness. Even a “one night stand” can be healthy in the right circumstance, if both people understand the lack of commitment and the reason for it.

Enjoy the mid-week and the flirty fun that will be making us all feel “too sexy for our shirt”.

The post-full moon looking lovely in the Friday morning.

The post-full moon looking lovely in the Friday morning.