Monday Power Colors & Energy Flow Report April 1, 2013

Posted on March 31, 2013


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Lavender, White, Cream, Silver

Yummy coconut cake from Mayberry Cafe cookbook

Yummy coconut cake from Mayberry Cafe cookbook

Energy will be a bit waning, as the moon and all of the food we ate yesterday catches up to us. We feel upbeat, but our body energy will not match our head and heart.

Best bets for today….again…daily tasks, cleaning, cooking, rework, donating, volunteering and the like.

No time for starting anything new. Any news we get to-day will be of no worry, no major impact on our lives. Also anything we think might be good is also null information, so wait to break the big news until tomorrow if you want it to become something and any challenging/bad today will dissolve without any major consequences.

Our momentum is to become a better…to become The Best person we can be. A look at ourselves will reveal a place we can let go of the need to control the Outside/input we receive from others and a place we can hone our control over our Human-ness. Control over “self”/”ego”/”Human” is one of the most difficult actions any of us will ever try to do. Weight, smoking, drinking, drugs, sex, cutting, hair plucking, skin tucking, we all have something that obsesses us into do things we know deep down are not healthy  but we cannot stop. The beginning of this week is made for taking strides to stop behavior that is destroying our life and/or our body. Controlling our thoughts, words and action will be the focus, and work in that are will go far in helping us become our Very Best, everyday.

The two people who love me most in this world....make my heart very happy!

The two people who love me most in this world….make my heart very happy!