Friday Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 3-29-2013

Posted on March 29, 2013


Friday Personal Power  Boosting Colors:

White, Red, Orange, Peach, Purple

Lovely Luna through the trees March 2013

Lovely Luna through the trees March 2013

A day for taking a breather for many of us…some will be experiencing the “aftershock” of the majors waves from this past week of Full Moon energy and shifting waves.

Expect surprising events, unless they have already occurred. If so, take some time to evaluate what the events mean to you (if anything).

Relationships are becoming clearer and more relevant. Nurture and cherish those that are supportive and allow those that are not to fade gracefully. Holding onto the ones that are not supporting our NOW will only drain the precious energy we have to give to the ones who are ready to go to the next phase with us.

Uncovering missing info and solving mysteries will be in our mix today. Be sure you really want the answers before you go digging…if not, try cleaning out a drawer or closet instead.

Enjoy the day and get ready for some Ham, deviled eggs and pineapple… Easter is here!