Thursday Power Colors and Energy Flow Report 3-28-2013 (Full Moon Continues)

Posted on March 27, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Burgundy, Turquoise, Purple, Green

Crocus in the afternoon sun at Mom's.

Crocus in the afternoon sun at Mom’s.

What a Full Moon day it has been. What a week! The intense energies have had everyone active and excited, one way or another.

Hopefully any impulsive actions made today were of little consequence. Most of us had a moment where we did something rash and quickly, without too much thought, on the emotional impulse. Doing a minor thing like throwing away an old letter or getting rid of the picture you thought was out dated, but belonged to your grandmother does not have nearly the lifelong impact as spending money on frivolities instead of utilities or telling your parent that you think they made rotten choices over the course of their lives in the heat of the moment. Impulses can even lead to very good endings, like calling someone out of the blue to tell them how much you appreciate their support in your life or making your partner’s favorite dish for dinner. Even an impulsive purchase can be taken back later, but over eating because it tastes so good will leave us sick all night.

Now, as for Thursday, today’s energy is even more intense and deeply meaningful. Riding the wave of the first Full Moon of the Solar new year, the impression is that we will have unexpected changes in our finances and relationships. Unexpected may be seem good or bad in the moment, but in the end, the changes will be of GREAT benefit to us, down the road. Our tendency to act rashly will still be high, so try to take moments, hours or even days to react if you can hold yourself back.

Any mysterious or intriguing new “romance” should be entered into KNOWING it is a FLING only, not a lasting commitment. And be aware that indulging in a hot and heavy physical connection maybe VERY enjoyable, but can be VERY costly, to the tune of ending a current stable relationship, a broken heart or even a new family member. Think long and use protection for body and heart if you decide to jump into this dangerously thrilling wave.

Our creative juices are flowing, with writing and publishing getting the big boost from this flow. Take time to either write or read something new, wonderful and fantastic. Dreams will also be vivid and deeply meaningful. Write down all the info you remember when you wake up, or tell someone as soon as you can. Then have them interpreted. You can e-mail with any you might be wondering about and I will gladly give you a good idea of what your wise dream-mind is trying to tell you about your waking life.

Mine have been saying I am on the right path, I am succeeding and I will be financially and emotionally secure if I continue to stay the course. That would b the one of teaching, healing and sharing with all of you while learning and enjoying the wonder of this awareness shift our entire world is experiencing.

Expect an out of the blue call or letter, new information or new financial status to find us. (If it has not already this week…remember, we are all in a separate body, therefore a unique angle to the waves of Universal energy. Some of will experience the waves sooner than others, and some will get heavier/more intense feeling than others, depending on the angle or life foundation.)

Please above all know…NOTHING lasts forever, no moment good or bad. Breathe, enjoy and know, this is a moment leading to our Best Life. Grab hold and make it so.