Full Moon Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 3-27-2013

Posted on March 26, 2013


Wednesday Personal Power Colors: Gold, Brown, Yellow, Orange, Green Quick and simple: Watch for being too impulse, dramatic, emotional, judgmental, indecisive. Enjoy being social, romantic, fair, inclusive, loving. We are at a moment of looking at how and why we act they way we do. If it is really of any use to our lives anymore, and what things we will leaver behind as we go on into our next Best life. We will be sad to leave the old “us” behind, and yet relieved and joyful to move on to what we can feel will be something even more wonderful. Be gentle with each other. Each of us makes mistake. Most of us make similar ones, depending on our age and life experience. Remember you were once in that stage of life OR you will be one day. Give each other the space to learn, grow and become The Best possible Us we can be. Much love and the utmost thanks for..well for everything. Xoxoxo…AmberLena!


Tonights Full Moon


My Easter Egg...turn your head sideways will ya?