Tuesday Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 3-26-2013

Posted on March 25, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Colors:

Silver, Black, Red, White

Is that a Unicorn in your tea cup or are you just magical? Yes that is the bottom of my tea cup! :o)

Is that a Unicorn in your tea cup or are you just magical? Yes that is the bottom of my tea cup! :o)

Most of you have probably noticed this week feels Event-Full.

And it is. We are in a major week of connections and energy challenges. The full moon will greet us tomorrow (Wednesday) morning. If the sky is clear, be sure to check out the moon, as it will be spectacular.

The energy of this week will be…flirty, but dangerous. Do not even think the intense excitement you feel will last beyond the next month. Enjoy some fun, even a fling but be real with the knowledge that if it starts hot, it burns fast and will be out before you know it. The other thing to keep in mind is DO NOT ruin a good relationship in your life for the thrill of the mysterious, as you will NOT be able to return to your old life if you hurt the stability for a fleeting moment of fun.

Today is a good day to work on details. Action will be high and the evening will be more social and romantic.

We will do ourselves a great favor if we look at our life, the things we are doing, daily, weekly, monthly…in our finances, relationships and homes, and the WHY behind the things we do. Some things are changing, some things will be changing, and some of us will be forced to make changes if we continue to resist. Most of us have been see the signs and indicators that we are going to have to make changes…this week is a great time to take steps toward those changes…even small ones. Today is the best day to look at the reasons why we are doing the things we do…and how it will be okay to let those behaviors go in order to grow into our next Best person.

Look for a high emotion, full moon report later today/tomorrow.

Oh and our big snow is almost melted…gotta love Indiana Spring!