Daily Power Colors 3-21-2013

Posted on March 20, 2013


Because I could not stand to go to bed without posting tonight (again)….

Thursday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Green, Turquoise, Burgundy, Purple


This will feel somewhat like a “lost” day…meaning: do not start anything new. If you get any news, it will most likely not turn out the way you first think it will, so do not worry OR get too excited. The best use of this day will be doing regular tasks that we typically do. Cleaning and house keeping are also good ideas for today. We are in a very aggitated, emotional flow, with head butting and impatience finding their way into everyone’s world in some form. Do yourself a favor and remember to count to ten OR twenty BEFORE speaking. If all else fails…walk away, get some air and find something else to focus on. Blow ups-the emotional/verbal kind AND the real gas & fire kind are likely so beware. If you work with fire or gas, be extra careful. If there are tensions with someone in your work or home life, steer clear from each other and/or the subject that is making you angry until next week.

The sunshine in Indian has been VERY welcomed, although we are darned cold! 

A happy equinox to everyone, Spring and Fall. I am sure our southern friends are happy to have the fall arriving, as it will hopefully bring some relief from the intense heat you have had this year. As for us Northerners…well it is COLD-er than normal here, but record heat in Arizona…Mother Nature seems like she is feeling this challenging energy wave too!

Enjoy your day and Thanks to everyone who stops to give me a thought and share this blog with someone who could use it…but wait until Friday! :O) Much love and strength to everyone!!!