Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report March 19, 2013

Posted on March 18, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Silver, Red, White

Another active day the will move into a high emotion, home and family focused afternoon. Communication will abound.

We are still in the danger area of being misunderstood and of over-reacting. Accidents and technology glitches are likely,  try to be patient.

A look at the week to come sees Spring greeting our mid-week, which will also bring another boost of energy (and also acting without thinking first). Our relationships and romance will get a needed kick by Thursday and Friday will be a day to be careful, but active. More details on all of that tomorrow.

For today, be sure to know that the afternoon will be an emotional wave, and because we have all been struggling during the past month, some of us might be overcome with feelings we have been trying to hold back. If you find yourself in this mode, let it out….let the emotions have a moment to be real, to be yours and to be known so you can LET THEM GO. When we suppress our feelings, it is like a pressure cooker. If we do not ever let any “steam” out purposefully, we will be surprised by an explosion at some point. Do your body, your heart and those in your life a favor and release some of that. We do not have to be brave and non-emotional every minute. In fact, it is damaging to our health to be that way.

So do something nice for your health, even if it means locking yourself in a bathroom or going out for a walk alone. You deserve it…we all do!

What we would all like to do for at least one day! Cuddle with our Bestie!

What we would all like to do for at least one day! Cuddle with our Bestie!