Daily Power Colors 3-14-2013

Posted on March 13, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Colors:

Burgundy, Green, turquoise, Purple

The urge to be head strong, aggressive and in a hurry is still with us until the afternoon/evening. We are like the horse leaning on the gate that just came open.

Many of us are stumbling, falling and finding ourselves in a mess because we are to anxious to take action. We feel like it should be time to move, but it is really time to wait a few more days. Try doing regular tasks and rework, clean out closets, drawers, donate and make room. Anything we try to begin, buy new or diagnose from scratch will have to be redone or will be less expensive next week.

We are also prone to misunderstandings of major proportions this week. If you are the one who is delusional, you will find out later and feel like a real heel for being so adamant about something so far from the truth. If you are the one misunderstood, do not try to convince the other person of your position, because now they are not going to be able to be swayed from their incorrect mindset. We will have to wait until they figure it out in a few weeks. Then they will come to us with an apology -or- the whole thing will be dropped. Try not to take it personally.

If you have been weepy, do not feel alone. This week is full of emotional energy that is sensitive to the “loss” we are feeling over having to change even though we really want things to be the way they “used to be”. The is not the nature of the Universe, to remain frozen in the same state, but as Humans we are attached to comfort and safety, which comes with familiar things. Hang on…next week will feel better AND we will get to start acting on the plans to replace what is shifting.

By evening we will slow down a bit and be in a stubborn but long-lasting wave. Anything you do now will be difficult to change later. If you are trying to quit some habit or re-commit to a lifestyle change, make a move in that  direction tonight (or even Friday into Saturday morning).

Intuition and dreams are full of guidance and important info…write them down and heed the advice they give.

Enjoy the day and be extra careful!!!