Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report March 12-13, 2013

Posted on March 11, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Colors:

Red, Black, Silver, White

Wednesday Personal Power Colors:

Gold, Yellow, Brown, Green

The cake Mom made me for my birthday.

From my walk yesterday, a mossy tree.

From my walk yesterday, a mossy tree.

A day of energy shifts that herald Spring and activity. The new moon graced us with growth energy late yesterday. Today we see our major action energy move from dreamy and sedate to fiery and ready to go.

A very welcomed change in the flow. So many of us are at capacity and beyond with challenges big and small. This has been one ROUGH month, as you have read here more than once.

Just know that we are at the end of this giant wave that has been trying to capsize everyone. Grab hold of whatever is floating and keep your head up, because we are going to survive. And when we finally start coming out of this hazy, crazy flow, we will reap benefits from our ability to persevere.

Tuesday and Wednesday, we will be more active, more talkative and more impatient. Remember to continue to be careful and to expect issues with travel, communications, electronics and the like. We are in the last days of this seemingly “afflicted” energy wave, so hang tight. Because it has been a long time since we have had such a burst of energy, we might be overly excited, agitated, and anxious for what seems like no reason. We might even find ourselves picking fights or being confronted. This will subside as we become accustomed to this new (and welcome) action energy, but until we get our feet baack on the ground we maybe a bit “ram-y”, as they say. Use the excess energy to do something physical like exercise, walk or working with your hands. We will be chomping at the bit to get started on new projects, but we are still in the window of waiting. Use these next two weeks to do more research and set up the resources we will need to ensure a good start. Success is directly tied to preparation. Reviewing, researching and reworking now will give us a head start later on making big strides on reaching our goals as we move through the next few months.

Enjoy the “perk” of active energy and have a great mid-week!!