Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report March 11, 2013

Posted on March 10, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

White, Cream, Lavender, Silver

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My only yellow crocus blooming today.

My only yellow crocus blooming today.

The lowest energy day of the month to start will give way to a feeling of knowing that dreams can come true by night fall.

Dreams, intuition, visions and premonitions are all in abundance, vivid and deeply meaningful. Keep the pen and paper at hand to capture any brilliant flashes, strange dreams or powerful visions as we will be using them to move forward with our projects and goals starting next week.

Many of us have been dealing with the unpleasant but needed message that we will HAVE to give up frivolous and even damaging behaviors in order to truly live our Best Life. It is NEVER fun to know that the days of being carefree about the consequences have to end. No one likes it when the party is over, but it cannot go on forever. If it did, we would soon run out of  party supplies. :o) (and what’s a party without the supplies, right?)

Take time today to spend alone. Turn off everything, maybe go outside if the weather lets you. Sit back and look at your life as a bystander. Without putting yourself down or criticizing, observe the areas that need to be radically changed. Understand that you did not get to the point where these behaviors are detrimental overnight, and you will not be able to become something different overnight either. HOWEVER, you do have the power, tools and support to change. Tomorrow, take one small step in doing something different on the path to letting go altogether. Then take time to account for the places you are succeeding, strong and being your best. Congratulate yourself on the fact that you are successful! Acknowledging  that you are able to accomplish great things will help you be able to re-work yourself and your life to remove these habits that are holding you back from the next level of achievement.

It is very easy to feel like we are not doing enough, we are not measuring up to others or that our dreams are far beyond our capacity, especially in this energy flow. For many it has been a very rough month and it seems like one thing after another is piling on. However, this is just the feeling of the wave and not the reality of our lives. By this time next week, we will be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and be knowing that we will be able to make it through this.

A new moon with high ideals and the knowing that we can all get along and make this world more beautiful greets us this evening. This is a good time to make out a vision board full of pictures and sentences that represent our loftiest dreams. The Universe favors the boldest dreamers. The ones who will say by thought and action that no matter how unreal a goal may seem, that is what I want. An abundance check or letter to the Universe asking for help are also great ideas today.

Cheers to the coming of spring (up north), and fall (down south). A change of season is upon us, with the momentum to help us all make beneficial changes.

Enjoy the day. Continue to take extra care, watch for mistakes. double check info and expect delays. We are nearing the end of this disruptive vibration, so hang in there!

Much Love to all and The Best!! AmberLena

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