Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 3-7-2013

Posted on March 6, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Colors:

Turquoise, Green, Burgundy, Purple

Valerie, I got another one!!! (UFO)

Valerie, I got another one!!! (UFO)

Oh, the new moon is coming and we are looking forward to the new energy it will bring. Different people have different levels of challenge during certain energy waves and this wave has all but capsized me.

That is the reason behind the lack posts over the last week. Starting last Friday, my family has had a week of health related issues, one each day it seems.

Saturday, as some of you know my daughter had to have emergency surgery. Then Sunday, I had a bad stomach bug. That was AFTER I broke part of a crown on my tooth. The tooth and stomach were separate. On Monday I woke up feeling really bad, shaky and kind of upset, plus still sick to my stomach. I ate breakfast, it stayed down, but I still felt awful. Then I ate an orange. About 30 minutes later I started feeling better…can anyone say low blood sugar? So now I am off to get blood work done tomorrow. Today I was supposed have dentist smooth out the rough part of my broken crown but after the exam, she said she did not have time. I was livid. I kept my cool until the nice, and very young account manager asked my if I was okay as she was going over my treatment plan. I will say she did her job of calming me down very well and she also kept her cool.

I can say 100% I am ready for the week to reset. It may be as rough, it could be worse, but I am hoping and thinking it should get better. So I say come on Friday! And for those who read this blog regularly, I would like to remind you…almost everyone is going to (unless you already have been) be faced with some are of life where we have to make a major change. And we are going to be pushed to make that change, like it or not. (Me, looking at my diet and lack of exercise, although I thought I am a fairly good eater…apparently, I am not as good as I thought.)

Today we get a much needed boost in our relationships, especially the romantic ones. We may also be feeling a bit of jealousy and that our partner needs to do more to show they are as equally committed as we are. The good part is the deep amorous feeling that is on high to day will help us to find a intimate way to get and give the answers.

It is a low energy day, but also methodical and good for getting work done. Especially everyday tasks or routine cleaning items, such as closets, base boards, dusting, etc. Being too stubborn could be an issue, be willing to give if you find yourself digging in over the little things. (pick your battles wisely)

Okay, now that I am (hopefully, with fingers and toes crossed) back on track, look for the weekend energy flow tomorrow along with another prize giveaway in honor of my (OH) birthday next week! Ahhh, the best laid plans can always be unraveled by the Universe. Have a great day and BE EXTRA CAREFUL!!!!