Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Tues. 3-5-2013

Posted on March 4, 2013


Tuesday Personal Power Colors:

Red, Black, Silver, White

For all of us who are having major LUCK in association with the extra challenging energy wave that is now three weeks old, all I can say is keep trying to find the bright side.

Luck takes perspective to be good or bad. If you cannot find the good side of the luck you have been having the past few weeks, wait a couple of more and the good side of the seemingly crappy events will be more apparent. Until then, try to roll with the wave and be as safe as possible.

Many of us are getting major messages about behaviors in life that we need to change for our own good. If we have been ignoring the small signals, a huge slap to the face has most likely be finding us in the next few days (if it has not already).

Tuesday will be much a bit more lively and upbeat even in the lowest energy week of the month. We are reconnecting with people from our past. Information and conversations from the past will also be part of this. DO NOT MAKE ANY DECISIONS regarding these contacts at this time. We will not have the advantage of clarity until after March 21st.

BE CAREFUL!!!!! Watch for mistakes due to inattention or overlooking details. Check, check and re-check.