Weekend Power Colors & Energy Flow Report March 1-3, 2013

Posted on February 28, 2013


Friday Personal Power Colors:

White, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red

Saturday Power Colors:

Black, Silver, Brown, Blue

Sunday Power Colors:

White, Gold, Orange

Friday is another lay low day. be careful and watch every detail. By the afternoon we move into a withdrawn and possessive feel for the weekend.

The mode of re-do, rework, revisit, revamp, revise continues to be the best use of these days. Cleaning, clearing and getting rid of thins we do not need or use anymore will be easier to do this weekend than usual. Take advantage of this vibration by pushing yourself to clean and organize at least one area of your home this weekend, even if it is only one drawer or closet shelf.

Prepare to have some jealous feelings crop up. We could be clingy to our partners. Some of us may be withdrawn and wanting to be alone with our thoughts, dreams or nothing important to trouble our minds. Watch for a tendency to nit-pick and condescend people.

Out intuition, dreams and visions continue to be the strong wave of the week. Write down every flash of brilliance, every moment of inspiration, every vivid dream, every exciting vision. The information we can glean from the Universe now will propel our goals far beyond our current expectations.

cc2010-2013 The Amber Light PublishersPersonal Power Coaching for Everyone

cc2010-2013 The Amber Light Publishers
Personal Power Coaching for Everyone

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