Why Can’t Everyday Be Like Christmas?

Posted on February 27, 2013


Link to the interview on Indy Style Tv. 2-21-2013 The Easy Way to Feng-shui

This day came so quickly once it got here. Yes that is like Christmas.

I have been dreaming of what this day might be like since I was a little girl watching The Radio City Rockettes on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

The reason for this post is that a major dream…goal…reality came true for me last Thursday. I was a guest on a local morning life/style new show in my home city of Indianapolis. (My home town is west of there in Plainfield.)

I am reminded of a post I read once which talked about anticipation and how the newest generation of Human Beings do not have as much of that as we used to have. And we did not have as much as our parents either. Things move faster, they occur more quickly and knowledge is transferred and transmitted more widely than ever before in our recorded history.

If faced with anticipation, because it is so foreign a feeling, most people get frustrated, let down and (in a tiny, subtle way) feel grief over not getting what they want or need instantly.

In thinking about this important mile stone marker in my life, it occurred to me that the anticipation leading up to the interview was much like Christmas morning, only even bigger and more intense. I suppose much like a wedding day to your true love.

I only had one week to even build myself up, so it was packed into a few days. The night before I had a consultation, so I had little time to prepare anything then. Or think about the next day.

On Monday I tried on every combination of clothing in my closet that fit the “I am sincere, not on camera to make people look at me” criteria I had set. And guess what…Sur-prise, Sur-prise, Sur-prise! A woman went through her closet and found nothing to wear.

Too big, too small, too old, wrong color, looks worn out, needs hemmed. I ended up taking two items from Christmas that my husband LUCKILY still had the receipts for back to the store and getting slacks and an under shirt to wear.

The hair and outfit I decided to wear. The shirt was a Christmas gift from Gregg

The hair and outfit I decided to wear. The shirt was a Christmas gift from Gregg

Turn up the stress notch on Tuesday when I find out from my loving supporters (who are all very into TV and what looks good not matter who is talking) that my hair is going to have to be “spruced up” before Thursday.  **side not: I am not a person who goes to the hairdresser for more than a haircut. Most of the time I do not even have them style it. Color and trendy styles are not my thing, but the consensus was I needed lightened up. The next LUCKILY was that the guy I have do my hair styling was available Wednesday. He gave me an update layering, with some long side bangs (that I see all of the new ladies and some starts are wearing also) and put foil highlights around my face and on my crown. Like eight strips. It looks good but my sister and husband both think it could use more layers and highlights. ( That will have to wait until funding is available! Not to mention me deciding to do it.)

You can see the streaks pretty well here.

You can see the streaks pretty well here. This is an after shot.

2013-02-19 11.54.37

This is how I was going to wear my hair. It was decided I needed more hip hair for TV. This is the picture that made everyone decide I had to get a spruce up.

2013-02-20 11.29.30

A before shot of the back

2013-02-20 11.41.10

My first ever professional highlights. My best “Signs” impression.

2013-02-20 20.49.40

trying to strike a pose…under the pots and pans!

2013-02-20 20.50.01

This shot shows the layering in my hair well.

At this point, we have the outfit, the hair. I practiced using heavier base make-up all week to get used to making it thicker for the bright lights. Last item was fingernails, you know in case they did a close up of my hands for some reason. I finally settled on a copper color, because it matched the outfit and it was a quick dry polish! :o)

The Friday night before Mom and I went over what was important for me to say, what points she would want to hear, how succinct I had to be (5 minutes for me to talk is like 5 seconds to some other people) and things did I want to be sure I said if I ran out of time or the interview went a different way. She kept asking me “What is Feng-Shui?” Over and over. ( I was really anticipating the time she would stop asking me that!) Guess what again? She was dead on….it was the FIRST thing he asked. And if you watch the interview, you see me repeat my first line of the explanation twice. Because….I was thinking of Mom and her drilling me with that so I could make it simple and easy to understand. In watching the interview, I think it was as clear as I can make it without leaving out any important component. Thanks Mom! From there I was off and barely let the guy ask questions, although I did get better in the second half.

The link below will take you to the interview clip if you have not seen it, or if you would just like to see it again :o)


Then, just like that, like waking up from the most awesome dream, it was over. No fanfare, just picking up the props (like the wrapping that had been torn from the gifts) and heading on to the next part of life. The anticipation, the vibration of the energy , the excitement, the enthusiasm that everyone who has been a part of my journey to this day shared with me are all still with me. I feel different, and not because I was on TV. Because the response and input that I got from this experience helped to solidify my confidence, my drive and my resolve to continue to help guide others along this life.

A lifetime of anticipation was the energy that fueled this dream to grow and come to fruition.

Anticipation is the energy of growth. A seed anticipates that plant will grow. The plant anticipates it will flower. The flower anticipates it will become fruit. The fruit anticipates it will ripen to become sustenance for other beings. Other beings anticipate the entire process so they can enjoy nourishment. This is the basic life cycle. It applies to everything this that exists. A thought/dream is the seed. The anticipation of potentially what will happen is the fuel that “grows” the reality.

What is important in this lesson that seems to ramble in the midst of the recounting of one of my dream come true day in life? Without anticipation, nothing can grow. It is what causes the inertia in the Universal Energy flow to attract the component to create our reality. Why this is a key Universal Law we must learn and remember is: it applies to “good OR bad” feelings of anticipation. The more we think of, envision, wish or (a.k.a.) ANTICIPATE events and outcomes, the more energy the Universe supplies to our “desire”. Now, we all know that “bad” (challenging) things are not what we Humans call desires. But in the Universal energy field, a continuous, focused thought on a specific outcome or result is considered a request for energy input from The Creator. If kept up long enough, it will be fulfilled. Things will occur, actions will be taken and sooner or later the thing we had been anticipating will happen.

The moral to this long and meandering tale I am sure must be obvious at this point. We must make thoughtful, conscious efforts to anticipate that The Best Life is happening now, whether is appears to be at certain moments or not. Our Human Mind is capable of only so much understanding at this point in our evolution. Our Being Heart has a way to “know” deep down that “every Little thing is gonna be alright”. No matter how dire the circumstance and even in the face of what we as Humans perceive as ‘death’, The Best timing is being met to go in cadence with our Best life.  Certain events in Being Human are trying, hard, scary, heartbreaking, life changing even incomprehensible. Others are joyful, heartwarming, uplifting, inspiring, nurturing, easy and even comforting. We have the ability to create more of the “positive” energy waves by ANTICIPATING good, happy, fulfilling, wonderful outcomes, as opposed to expecting the worst or most difficult.

We have the Power Tool in our possession…each one of us….to attract The Best Life, the events and out comes that will overjoy us. It is our thoughts, our day dreams, our visions we see while we anticipate the “future”. When we use the tool we have to have The Best outcome in our  mind to ensure we are asking the Universe for The Best input.

And that is why we cannot have Christmas everyday. The amount of anticipation it takes to “grow” (or create) such an intense energy day/event requires a lot of energy. Just like preparing for a holiday, we cannot live at that level of output indefinitely. And that is what makes those types of days and events so special. We know that it takes an extra effort to make such moments happen in life. And deep down we understand just how precious they are because they do not happen without effort and enthusiasm.

I want to say again…as if I do not say it enough, but I always feel it so I think I should say it…Thank You. So very Much. For being here, journeying with me, for using the tools, for sharing them, for taking time to learn with me. Because of the energy you all put into me, I continue to grow, to learn, and to anticipate the next First Christmas Day we will share together!