Daily Powers Colors & Energy Flow Report 2-25&26, 2013

Posted on February 24, 2013


Monday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

lavender, Silver, White, Cream

Tuesday Personal Power Building Colors:

Black, Gray, Silver, Red, White

Full Moon Fever greets us for the work week. Be ready because emotions are going to be turned up to 11.

Communications, electronics, travel and business will all be filled with mishaps and corrections.

Merchants should do inventory, housekeeping, bookkeeping review, things that are not “new business”, meaning go for repeat customers, call on those who have been in to see you but did not purchase at that time.

Customers…look into items that you have previously been considering to make the most of this energy.

Anyone who has to start anything new from now until March 18th should expect it to eventually dissolve or have to be returned or renegotiated. This applies to most people…howver, everyone is not affected the same by this energy wave, some people may have a more easy time with things now. (This depends on where the how the planets were situated in the sky when you were born.)

As far as the focus of Monday and Tuesday days:

Re-commit to those things or that change we have been thinking of since before the New Year(s).

We are Human Beings. As such, we will go with the flow, the cadence of the Universe,even when we do not realize that we are doing just that. Due to this, we “think” that we have “failed” somehow, because we have not “accomplished” our goal in the time-table made up by the Ego side of our Self. This is needless stress. Everything always happens at the Best moment. All of the truly important and meaningful things in life happen. Anything that does not was not actually part of The Best Thing for us.

Our physical health needs to be important to our Being. Sometimes we get wrapped up in doing the energetic and spiritual things we need to de-stress and be healthier and forget that physical exertion, sweating, working our muscles to fatigue and pushing past the our mental limit is tool we should be using to increase our overall well-being.

Beware of a nit-picking tendency that will be with us these next two days. Stop yourself if you see you are going overboard on an issue. Ask the other person to cut some slack if you are on the receiving end of any scrutiny.

Tuesday will find us feeling amorous and full of romantic fantasy to share with our partners. Remember to stay in your current relationship status until after March 18th as now is not the time to start anything new. Otherwise, flirting and deep conversations will be pleasant and dreamy for singles. For couple, get ready for a much need injection of loveliness and tender caring. This will last for the next month-ish, so enjoy. We will also be seeing everything in a “dreamy haze” so be careful with money and business decisions now. Again, check, check, check.

Enjoy your week beginning and take time during these Full Moon days to watch and ask for signs of direction and affirmation. This is a time that information and guidance will be revealed if we take time to gather it.

I couldnot stand up Friday morning. Had to call for salt.

I couldnot stand up Friday morning. Had to call for salt.