Weekend Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Feb. 23-24, 2013

Posted on February 22, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Black, Silver, Blue, Brown

Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Gold, Yellow, Orange, Peach, White

September Full Moon with Halo

September Full Moon with Halo



While the building up to the Full Moon will have our energy focused on our self more than the group, the moon and its effect on us will be more health and co-ordination based.

For the weekend we can expect a bit of impatience, being outspoken and/or put in the spotlight in some unexpected way. And we will have a great wave for re-creating something we have worked on before that is pertinent to our next set of action steps. This will very likely have something to do with us personally. And will probably be focused on revisiting some behavior we really NEED to modify. For our Health. (See how that full moon energy is already working?)

Several things to keep in mind: Creativity, dreams, vision, intuition and all forms of receiving messages through energetic means are highly amplified at this time. The best use will be to apply those energies to things we have already started, instead of trying to begin any thing new (until after March 23rd-wait you will be glad you did).

Be sure to write down any and all flashes of inspiration or seemingly new ideas to use next month. This next month is all about regrouping and reworking to maximize our efforts.

Accidents, misunderstandings, delays, cancellations, dropped calls, mis-queues will all be prominent. If you have to make a major purchase or sign legal documents, be sure to check, check and triple check all of the information. And be sure to check that you got the best deal possible next month, after the 17th of March.

Take time to spend alone, still your mind by breathing with your hand over your heart (thinking only about your breath), listening and seeing what The Creator is sending you for support in your efforts to become The Best you possible. Do not react, just absorb the information and message. We will be guided to some extremely creative solutions to challenges that are holding us back. Remember this affirmation as you go through your daily life going forward. It will give us great peace and confidence.

PS…do not ever listen to unpleasant, mean, degrading or other negative things that might come through as you are sitting in silence. These are Human thoughts, not  Spiritual messages. If this were to happen, simply think of the most loved moment you have ever experienced with your hand over your heart and think “love is all around us”. This will reset your energy flow to peace and calm.

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