Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 2-22-2013

Posted on February 21, 2013


Friday Personal Power Colors: White, Pink, Purple, Orange, Red

Communications and electronics will be glitchy, expect mishaps, stalls, breakdowns and misunderstandings. Accidents are also likely, so take extra care as you do everything. Even tripping on a rug can injure someone badly.

Our day will be best spent doing daily tasks, house keeping, continuing work on ongoing projects or…if you can get it….staying in, snuggling with a good book, movie, good food and your favorite peeps (two or four-legged).

Our emotions are building toward the Full Moon (Monday afternoon). We are in the midst of discovering what it is that we are and want to be responsible for and what we do not. That is to ourselves and to others. Sometimes the things that we have had as part of our identities, even for a very long time, no longer help to bring us The Best Life. As we figure out what those things are and begin to change them, stop them, leave them or exclude them, we will feel a sense of loss. This is natural. Allow yourself to feel that way, then move through it. You allowed to feel sad because you are changing, just do not stay that way.

Check here for easy ways to help keep from getting too sad or depressed.

Everyone in the mid-United States please stay safe and warm.

Enjoy your day and look for the weekend Energy Flow tomorrow noon-ish.

Me on my way to my TV debut today!

Me on my way to my TV debut today!