Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 2-21-2013

Posted on February 20, 2013


Thursday Personal Power Colors:

Turquoise, Brown, Burgundy, Green

We continue our moment of action and opportunity. Emotions are still high.The home and family focus takes us through the day.
See yesterday’s post for details on low clarity and accident prone waves that will be around for the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to watch our set your dvr for 9am EST on CBS to see The Amber Light’s television debut!

Here’s a picture of my newly highlighted hair for the occasion:




Thank You Every single person who had ever taken time to support me by reading a post, skating new info, letting me try a new idea on you, or thought a supportive thought for me along this wonderful journey.
Without you, it does not happen!

Much love and The Best always!
Amber Lena