Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Feb. 18-19, 2013

Posted on February 17, 2013


Monday Personal Power Colors: White, Cream, Silver, Lavender

Tuesday Personal Power Colors: Black, Silver, Red, White

This week si good for business transactions, as long as you are careful to check all the information for errors and misunderstanding.

We are VERY challenged in our clarity, and we are going to make mistakes and overlook things. The key will be to make them small and easy to fix. Also expecting to find errors will help us not be so disappointed when we do discover one.

OUr best efforts are going to be directed at projects, relationships and plans we have  already begun in some way. Even if the event is something that you have only talked about or worked up and action plan for, that is enough to give us a good foundation to continue our work.

Our dreams and visions will be very important all week as the intuition and psychic energy are amped up. We will need to take time to interpret and clarify the messages we are getting. The energy is very foggy, fuzzy, hazy and dreamy which will prevent any logical or clear thoughts. If you have to concentrate and make sense of things, take extra time, go slow, keep some yellow things around, get some sodalite and citrene gemstones to keep with you while you work.

The Opportunity energy of last week is changing this week, but the effects of the efforts we made and the events we set in motion last week will continue to manifest all year. Our job is to keep doing the things we have to do to keep the reality ready for the rewards.

If you can take off and snuggle in bed or lounge around, that would be a wonderful thing to do. Also reading a good novel, watching a well made movie or TV show, checking out an art exhibit or painting, writing, singing ourselves are things that will make the most of these two days.

Draw a picture, write a poem, spend some time playing with a child. Let your creative side out and let it help you find the directions to The Best Life now.

A good idea for Monday and Tuesday if you can manage it!

A good idea for Monday and Tuesday if you can manage it!