Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 2-16-2013 Plus a Big Amber Light Announcement

Posted on February 15, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Colors: Brown, Gray, Black, Blue

Do not be distracted from the work you need to do to set up for the next big step in life.
We can manifest lots of unbelievable things now but we will have to put forth effort and be willing to motivate ourselves to push through whatever challenges come along.
As with all energy waves, some people may experience them a little before or after these days, but the majority and strongest point of this flow is today.
The energy of growth continued which will help to carry our efforts into next week.
Make a big gesture of commitment to an important health improvement behavior today. It will go far to ensuring success.

And now the big news:
I am going to be on the local morning life style television show next Thursday taking about my invention “Energy Grid” and the “easy way to Feng shui”!
On Indy Style channel 8 @ 9 to 10 am. Not sure what time I will be on, but it is five minutes to tell Indy about the Grid, my book and Personal Power Coaching!!!
Thank you…all of you who have been supporting me throughout these years! So much thanks!