Ten Second Tips: Pump Up Your Romance

Posted on February 14, 2013


Ten Second Tips

(Easy Way to Feng-Shui Series)

Although Today is not a most ideal day for romance on an energy level, it is still our date to celebrate. Plus the coming weekend will find us feeling flirty and a bit more amorous than we have been the past couple of weeks! So use this to prep for a weekend of fun and love.

When we enhance our romance, we also enhance all of our other relationships. The tips today will help to strengthen all of the relationships we have in our lives, not just the one that has physical passion with it. Remember to use these ideas when you want to improve things with any person you have to deal with regularly. Also these things will help to improve our relationships with other aspects of our lives such as eating, money, health, ambition and more.

The main entry to the room, house or buidling will ONLY be in this end of the Grid. In the blue, black or gray area. The list of wishes should be put in the gray or purple area. But any area you can see it daily is great.

The main entry to the room, house or building will ONLY be in this end of the Grid. In the blue, black or gray area. The relationship area is the farthest corner away from you to the right.

~Hearts, hearts, hearts. Use hearts in any decorations to increase the bonding energy of your relationships. In the pink area particularly, hearts are perfect decorating choice. Heart shaped picture frames, vases and other knickknacks are great ideas to use.

~The color pink. It is the primary color for the relationship area and supports the energy of relationships in general. All shades will work, from blush to fuchsia.

~Pictures of your family. Even if you are single, you have some family. Mom, Dad, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins. And if not, your pets are your family, so snap some pictures of them and hang them up. And if you happen to be a person who is truly alone in the world, try a some pictures of nature, animals, people you admire or the like.

~Water fountain. Adding a water fountain to the relationship area of your space will instantly get the energy flowing to improve your relationships. Find one with a light and you give the impression of steam which is even a bigger boost

~Candles and soft light. Romance, safety and comfort are all found with in soft, warm lighting. Use this affect in any room to foster a sense of calm and trust. We are more open and secure when we feel warm, safe and calm. This will help us to communicate more freely, with less inhibitions.

~Bathe together. This is for the physical aspect of our romantic relationships. Nothing brings out how we feel better than a hot bath together. If the tub is big enough, this is a great place to talk and feel vulnerable without being threatened. Add some epsom salt to give your bodies a much-needed mineral boost while you are giving you minds an open forum to think.

~The master bed, no matter what area of the home it is in, represents relationships. Make sure the coverings are conveying the amount of passion you want out of life. Not simply with a lover, but passion for living in general. A comfy, homey bed will give off a non-hurried, laid back vibe. A plain bed invokes dull and boring. Lots of frills can mean too much extra stuff going on to focus on the important people. The bed should be inviting, a bit luxurious (either in colors or material or accessories), romantic, clean, made each day and make you feel safe.

Enjoy these tips and a romantic weekend. Be sure to try something new, even if it is a new food, color choice or TV show. Life need spicing up. Give it some help this weekend.

Happy Heart Day Everyone!!

I love this one.

I love this one.