Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Friday 2-15-2013

Posted on February 14, 2013


Daily Personal Power Boosting Colors: Pink, White, Orange, Peach, Red


Dreams are vivid and can be disturbing. Keep pen and paper around and get them interpreted. Our dreams always give us answers to help solve blocks in our lives. find out what they are saying. Let me know and I will give you a dream reading by e-mail. theamberlight@comcast.net

Clear thinking is not possible, so take in arts, music, create things, meditate, spend time with nature.

Today is the day to launch yourself. Use your gut instincts to know when and who to ask. We have been taking the long run to prepare for this moment of opportunity. Now is the time to make good on those actions to achieve our goals.

People will be in the mode to say yes to our requests for help and chances to present our ideas or show what we can do. Give them the chance to do a good thing and ASK!!!

Also, we will most likely be in a position to be asked for help. Take the chance to grant the assistance if at all possible. You are in a situation to pay forward for the golden ring you are looking at grabbing. Take it. You will guarantee three times as much goodwill and help coming back to you.

Relationships are still a bit rocky, watch out for fights and do not try to start a new one. We will have some flirty fun, but it will be quick in passing and superficial, not deep.

We have been preparing for this energy wave. Lady luck favors the bold. Do not hold anything back as we will not have this much supportive energy for a long time after this. The commitments we make now and events we set in motion will be the major driving force to carry  us through the year and into the next major phase of achieving our goals.

Abundance checks and notes to the Universe are still great things to write out this weekend. Vision boards and action steps will also hold staying power to help us cling to our resolutions an dtruly enjoy the fact we are changing. Harness this wave and make the most of it.

Saturday Power Colors tomorrow plus a BIG HUGE EXCITING announcement from The Amber Light that will have Indianapolis talking about The Easy Way to Feng-Shui!