Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report Wed. & Thurs. February 13-14, 2013

Posted on February 12, 2013


Wednesday Personal Power Colors: Gold, Yellow, Brown, Tan, Orange

Thursday Personal Power Colors: Burgundy, Green, Purple, Turquoise, Brown

The cats taking a nice warm winter's nap

The cats taking a nice warm winter’s nap

The activity level picks up as the week moves along. Our patience may be in short supply, so use the ten count to keep from saying things that need not be said.

Clarity is challenged, and will continue to be. Take time to look over everything you do at least twice to help get ahead of correcting mistakes later.

Our intuition is on high now. Use it to fill in where our brain leaves off. We can feel and “know” more about situations without all of the information than the ones where we think we have all the facts. Trust your Gut this week!!

The creative juices are flowing and so are the messages via dreams and visions. Keep your paper and pen handy. Make calls, complete contacts and let people know you are interested in whatever your goal is about.

Try not to be too hasty and watch out for accidents! Oh and if relationships seem rocky or edgy, take some time apart and wait a few days. This is a time where romance is on the back burner and not a good time to start anything new. Best to stick with your relationship status as is.