Ten Second Tips: 2013 Lunar New Year-Make Those Resolutions Count

Posted on February 9, 2013


Ten Second Tips: Lunar New Year Rituals

(Personal Power Building Series)

Tha almost new moon 2-17-2012 (last year...this year it has been too cloudy!!!)

Tha almost new moon 2-17-2012 (last year…this year it has been too cloudy!!!)

A most wonderful day of the year is here: the Lunar New Year. At 2:20 a.m. EST (GM minus 5) Sunday February 10, 2013 the New Moon will also be the first one of this Lunar calendar.

Anytime we shift into a ‘new cycle’, we have an opportunity to attract and harness the wave of success that come with getting to start anew brings. The lunar cycle is especially powerful because it bring the emotional support that our physical bodies need in order to success.

That is why it seems that there is such a huge disconnect between making a “New Year’s Resolution” in January and our ability to stick to it. Because we are not actually beginning the committment on the best, most supportive day possible.

Which happens to be this day, the lunar new year. Our Solar new year follows this in late March at the Vernal (or Spring) equinox. Another super-supportive day of the year for commitment success.

What to do….

~Write out “abundance checks” click here to see the post that show you how to do those.

~Make a vision board. Use sheet of paper, poster board, cardboard box, giant sheet, the wall…what ever strikes your fancy and works in your space. On it either draw, cut pictures out of magazines/newspapers, use photos, print images from the web of the things you would like to have in life. They do not have to be specific, such as the exact house you want or car, etc. Simply use The Best image to give the idea of what you want the Universe to send. Use as many images as you want. Drawing them in bright colors is one of the most powerful ways to get the most attracting energy flow from your board. But if you really do not want to draw, cut out pictures will work just fine. More of your love and creative energy go into a hand drawing. And they do not hae to be perfect, you are most likely the only one who is going to see them anyway.

~Write a letter to The Creator asking to send The Best Helpful People for you to exceed your goals. The letter should say something like: Thank You Creator for sending me The Best people to help me achieve my goal. (here you can put in the specific thing you need help with such as a repair, new job, extra money, etc.)  Finish by saying Thank You for already sending the help I have asked for to me. I am grateful for the ability to understand it is already taken care of and that The Creator takes care of me always. (Sign it Thanks, Amen, Sincerely, whatever feels right to you.) Then read it once more before you put it in the Helpful People are of your home/room. (click here to see a graph of where that is in our space)

~Do one thing. Take one small action toward the goal you have in mind today or Monday. Show The Universe that you meant what you said to yourself when you said that you REALLY WANT THIS…YOU NEED IT! If you really want and/or need it, then Make it Happen by ACTING!!! The phrase “God only helps those who help themselves” can literally be translated to “If you do not get up and do it for yourself, no one else will do it for you.”

As I have lived almost 50 years now, I can honestly say that this statement is as true as “Ask and you shall receive.” You want success, you desire to make a dream come true, you have a goal set that is your main purpose? Then let The Creator know you mean business and give the Universe a clear target by taking action where you can to start/keep the process creative and in motion. This alone will ensure success regardless of the outcome, because YOU TRIED!!!

Please enjoy this process. There are no right or wrong “ways to do this”. It is your goal, your dream so it is your note, your check, your vision board. Make them unique, original and true to you. This is the way the Universe will be able to send The Best Life to you.

All The Best Blessing for this New Year to Every One of you who are on this journey with all of us…much love! AmberLena

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