Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report 2-10-2013

Posted on February 9, 2013


Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: Yellow, White, Gold, Orange

Sunset on my walk Thursday evening 2-7-2013

Sunset on my walk Thursday evening 2-7-2013

Okay, today (Sunday) is the day to go over the plans you have made, the affirmations you have written, the abundance checks, letters asking for helpful people, visions boards and the like. Be sure they are speaking to what you want life to send. Add to, take away or revise anything that needs it during the day so in the evening you can place them in the area they will stay for this new year.

(See the next post for details on that or click here for the Energy Grid layout.)

Another listless type of day although we will feel the restlessness building as we welcome a New Lunar Year. This New Year marker harkens of Spring and renewal, a perfect and fitting time to BEGIN the resolutions we have been thinking about since January.

Dreams and visions will be on high this afternoon through MOnday. Keep a way to note them handy at all times.