Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report 2-8-2013

Posted on February 7, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting colors: Pink, Purple, Orange, White, Green, Red

Through late afternoon, we are still in a wave of doing regular, everyday tasks. No starting new things, just rework, revise, re-do, revamp.

After 3:00 EST Friday afternoon, business connections are favored. Send the e-mail, make the call, follow-ups will have more success than new contacts.

We are in the lowest energy time of the month. Sleepiness, distractions and daydreaming are all to be expected. Please see the past two-three day’s posts to get more details on the clarity and accident issues.

Look for a re-blog of how to write and abundance check coming up next. Sunday is the day to write our requests for help and abundance for the coming year, so start thinking about your goals and desires and look for that post later today (Friday).

A peek through the old oak tree.

A peek through the old oak tree.