Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report Feb. 6-7, 2013

Posted on February 5, 2013


Personal Power Boosting Colors: Brown, Gold, Yellow, Green

My definition of enthusiasm.

My definition of enthusiasm.

As we approach the New Moon weekend, we will have a couple of days of haze and laziness. The lowest energy days of the month come with a slow, methodical flavor. The work we get done will take time, but it will be thorough.

Keep in mind…challenges in making sure to not blurt out everything we think, clarity is very low so accidents are likely, stubbornness for no apparent reason, and the need for comfort-in  food, clothes and  life.

Our best use of these days is to re-work, revise, revamp and revisit things we have been working on already.

Also, start thinking about what you want to ask for when you write your yearly abundance check or request letter. The upcoming new moon on Sunday is the first of this lunar and is traditionally the day for making out requests for abundance and help for the coming year. Those notes or check s will need to be written on Sunday, but we can start planning now the things we want to include.

If you have a chance to take an extra nap, spend time alone reading, praying or meditating, these things will be a boost to this low energy time.

Remember we are accident prone. Also our dreams and visions are on high, vivid and meaningful.

If you want to have a dream interpreted, please, send me a comment or e-mail at theamberlight@comcast.net