Daily Colors & Energy Flow Report 2-3-2013

Posted on February 2, 2013


Sunday Personal Power Boosting Colors: White, Yellow, Orange, Gold

Our cozy fire tonight is warming things up!

Our cozy fire tonight is warming things up!

Sunday will feel much like Saturday, with being alone, comfortable, withdrawn and solitude being big on the agenda.

We can make use of creative energies in rework, with finding the things that are underlying issues a main task that can be more easily accomplished today. Uncovering secrets and missing items are also part of this energy wave.

Dreams and visions will be prolific and prophetic at this time. Pay attention to them and write them down for future use.

Clarity is NOT part of this wave, in fact is it heavily hindered now. Use extra care in all that you do as accidents are very likely, especially the kind that happen because we are distracted by other things.

Information will likely be muddled and confusing. Take time to read, re-read triple read everything involved in important matters. Give all numbers an extra check and be prepared to find mistakes later, because we are going to over look something. Just make that something “not so important” detail by being extra diligent with the major stuff!

Next week is the lowest energy week of the month, heading to a new moon next weekend. Enjoy your Sunday!