Personal Power Tip of the Day-Increase Your Cash Flow with Purple

Posted on February 1, 2013


Personal Power Tip of the Day
(Easy Way to Feng-Shui series)
Increase Your Cash Flow with Purple.

The color purple and the gemstone amethyst are both good tools to use in the abundance area of your home, office or room. (see here for color chart of how to locate this area in your space)

To find the abundance area, stand in the main entrance to the room, home or office you want to boost.
The farthest corner away from you to your left (as you are facing INTO the space) in the abundance area. It takes up about 1/9 of the entire space of the room/house/ office.

This is where you want to add items that are purple. These can be amethyst stones or clusters, paint, rugs, pictures, etc. Fresh or silk flowers in purple are a great way to get purple into an area where you may not normally have this color.

The shade of purple is also up to you. It can be as subtle and light or deep and bright as suits your taste. From undetectable lavender to deep burgundy to fuchsia to grape, pick the purple that fits and use it. Even painting a hidden wall (like in a closet) will be a big boost.

That is the beauty of feng-shui. The additions and boosters do NOT have to be visible to work. So, you could paint a wall with a base coat of a light purple, then a second coat of another color or wall covering. Or paint the foundation of the floor purple before laying the floor covering down. Use shelf paper that is purple, sheets or even swatches of cloth hidden under cushions or rugs to add the purple power to this area.

Let me know what good ways you come up with to power up the purple in your life and I will share them with everyone!