Full Moon Weekend Power Colors and Energy Flow Jan. 26-27, 2013

Posted on January 25, 2013


Saturday Personal Power Colors: Black, Silver, Brown, Blue

Sunday Personal Power Colors: Orange, Gold, Yellow, Red

My fortune keeps coming up very similar. And to be on my Awares!

My fortune keeps coming up very similar. And to be on my Awares!

The full moon is shaping up to be a crowning jewel to the start of the year. Expect the weekend to be full of fanfare and moments in the spotlight.

People will be asking deep, foundation meaning questions. Be ready to answer only with your truest heart, with the knowledge your gut knows it can stand up for.

WE will also be going through personal moment of challenge. Somewhere (for most of us) we will finish a struggle to let go of some part of our identity that has been long ingrained into our lives.

When we do that, we will grieve. A post of tips to neutralize those feelings is here.

Almost all of us that are truly taking action to accomplish are going to meet with more success than we have before. It is certain that if we are letting go of an identity challenge, it has been around for a while and we have TRIED before. All the other tries are the “long run” that has brought us to the point of flight. They were the building of the springboard or launch pad.

Now it is time to test the lift. The flow of revolution that began a few years ago is about 25% complete. The timing for events that break barriers and change identities to occur and be dealt with should be around now. The next stages will be 2) regrouping & licking wounds, 3) figuring out what resources are let and how best to use them for something new, 4) beginning the building of the new worlds and realities that will emerge.

Keeping in mind that Now is the only Time that matters, take time to look at your self I the mirror this weekend congratulate yourself on making it. Just making it. You are able to stand and look at yourself, you made it that far.

Now, use this exercise (it does not have to be at the mirror, anywhere will do).

When you start drawing the new picture on the flip chart, see the movie playing on the page as a moment when you are 100% happy and have completed the task of getting used to a new identity. AS with The Best Thing method of using the Law of Attraction, be broad and a bit vague, kind of like a soft filter on a camera lens. You can see the images, but not the stark details.

It is still not a good time to start romance, wait. Also, we may see some roaring over who gets more credit, a few arguments could creep up. These are ego based and not useful, bow out and let the other person have the stage. If they are incorrect, it will not matter and we save our energy for important stuff like action lists.

Any rituals focused on letting go and renewing our Human side are favored. Things we may not want to face could come out in the open. If it happens, that means it is time to go with it. The next phase can begin once the issue has our attention. Share ideas, make contacts and engage helpers all weekend starting after 9:20 a.m. EST

Be most certain to take time to look at the beautiful Luna as she enchants the skies. I am hoping all of us around the world will get a clear sky moment to bask in the calming and invigorating energy.

All The Best and here’s to the wind beneath our wings! Thanks!