Friday Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 1-25-2013

Posted on January 24, 2013


Friday Personal Power Boosting Colors:

Purple, Pink, Orange, White & Red

The emotion of home and family continues today. Hopefully you are picking up on the nurturing vibes.

We continue to be in a most opportunity filled flow. Keep making those calls, asking for favors and contacting people about what you have to offer. Send out resumes, submit manuscripts, pitch a sales idea. The moon is in Full mode, time for revealing our ideas, information, feelings and desires. This energy will have us focusing on how to blend our ability to lead with working as part of a team. We are group and community minded now and this moon will have us figuring out how to lead by example.

And for your lucky readers who check my posts everyday:

A big reveal: The newest member of The Amber Light Family

This is the template for my newest book!

This is the template for my newest book!

This is the layout for the new book I am working on now. Each day will have a new tip and picture (from my personal collection taken over the years). The first one will be a blank journal/diary type. Then, I am going to do a yearly Personal Power Boosting calendar which will include the Daily Power Colors plus the moon phases.

And you got to see it FIRST!!! (and guess what…I am lucky enough to have been able to submit it to Llewellyn Worldwide Publishing….wish us luck!!!)

So, what do you think? Do you like it? Would you by one?

The full moon weekend energy flow report will be posted by noon Friday!