Acting the Way You Want to Be (Grabbing the Goal)

Posted on January 22, 2013


Below is the letter I sent to some nice ladies at the Indianapolis Star today. I talked to CArrie, and she gave me info about the other ladies….plus…oh a TINY plus…I spoke with the Governor’s office today about doing consultations with them!

As my sister would say: “What?What?”!!!

Say a good word for me if you think of it over the next few days…my run has been long and I am ready to fly. With a little help from my friends!!!! XOXOXOX AmberLena XOXOXOXO

The Letter:

“”Good Morning Ladies!

My name is Amber Delwey.

I spoke with Carrie on the phone today and wanted to follow up with this e-mail to her and the other ladies she thought would be interested.

I would like to introduce myself, the products and services I have to offer which would be of interest to the readers/viewers.

Being the only Indiana native and local Feng-Shui expert, I am noticing an increase locally in people wanting to know how to make their home even more supportive of living the best life possible than ever before. This is my passion and I would love to share it with your readers.

I am a published author, inventor and certified life coach. My specialty is teaching people how to use their space and their possessions to improve the quality of their lives.

My first book covering this subject and how to easily use the Law of Attraction, “The Best Thing”, was self-published in November 2010.

You can find it on sale in several bookstores here in Indianapolis, as well available on Kindle, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

My invention, “Energy Grid-Power for Your Life” is a fast and easy way for everyone to improve the overall energy in their lives. It is a kit of colored shapes which we can hide in our home or office, as it is not necessary to see them. This system is based in the principles of Feng-Shui. Many clients call it “the easy way to feng-shui” and the nick-name has stuck.

Classes based on the book and Energy Grid have been held at New Age People (86th & Ditch Rd.) for a couple of years, with more scheduled this year. The class includes the Energy Grid kit to take home plus a drawing of their floor plan along with notes on where to place the colors when they get home.
My latest idea, “Ten Second Tips”, is designed to give people fast, easy ways to increase the positive energy flow in all areas of their lives. These tips are timely because they make use of the items we already own. And they take less than ten seconds to learn about, while using resources we already have.

The attached “about me” file gives a brief overview of what I do. I have been using, practicing and teaching this method for over ten years. I am from Plainfield (west suburbs of Indy). I would love an opportunity to share my expertise on how to use our space to work for us with our wonderful city.

I offer in-home or in-office consultations. Please check out the Personal Power Tips, Energy Flow Report and Ten Second Tips at
This blog averages over 40 per day and has more than doubled the followers and viewership in the past twelve months.

I am available for in person demonstrations. I would be happy to bring a kit and put it in someone’s office as a live test. Please reply to this e-mail or phone at 317-501-3052.

These things seem to be a natural addition to the Life & Style areas of The Star and speak to an “re”new area of interest in our lives.
I look forward to working with you ladies!!!

Have a Great Day!””

Let me know what you think…I fixed the comments part so everyone should be able to comment without logging in now!!! :oD