Personal Power Tip of the Day 1-21-2013

Posted on January 21, 2013


Use the color yellow to improve concentration and recall when taking tests.

The color yellow activates the recall areas of the brain. This is especially helpful when taking tests. This can any type of test, not just the kind we might take in school. Placement tests for a job, medical tests, school exams or any type of questionnaires we may have to fill out will go more smoothly if we hae something yellow with us.

We can easily bring our yellow with us by wearing clothing of that color. There are times when it is not possible to wear yellow clothing.

My definition of enthusiasm.

My definition of enthusiasm.

Other ideas of ways to get the benefits of yellow while taking a test:

Use a yellow pencil and/or highlighter.

Have yellow paper or sticky notes on the desk so you can see them.

Have a yellow folder on the desk.

Wear yellow undergarments.

Wear jewelry that is yellow or has yellow stones in it.

Carry or wear yellow gemstones, especially citrine.

Yellow is also good when we are studying for tests as well.