Daily Power Colors and Energy Flow Report 1-20-2013

Posted on January 19, 2013


Sunday Daily Personal Power Colors: Gold, Yellow, Orange, Tan



Amber (me) rockin' some great hair thanks again to BRain Patrick! He can make a hair style alst and last.. Got it cut beofre Christmas and it still looks AWEsome

Amber (me) rockin’ some great hair thanks again to Brian Patrick! He can make a hair style last and last.. Got it cut before Christmas and it still looks AWEsome


Continuing our down to earth weekend, we are feeling like comfort, home, stability and commitment. Good things to do: read our abundance checks. Look over our action step lists and check off things we have done. A very powerful time for everyone to take one action that shows we are interested and enthusiastic about the goals and dreams we are working toward. If it is better health, extra exercise, choosing a light meal or passing on dessert are small ways to say “I am all In!” If it is changing damaging behavior, having a few less cigarettes, drinks, placing less bets, eating less junk food, resisting the opportunity to flirt.  If it is a career change, make a call, ask a favor, send out a resume.

Some of us may be enamoured with a mysterious, sultry person. This is and should remain a superfluous hook up. No new long-lasting relationships will be starting over the next week.

Our resolve is strong, our luck is high and our perseverance will be greatly rewarded.

Finances may come up today as well. It is a good time to work with this.

A look at the week is: Full moon is coming our way. Expect high energy, lots of challenges and the most unexpected things to pop up everywhere.

Many of us will feel lazy and like snuggling up with our loved ones.

(maybe like this)


Tuxx and pookie showin' the Love

Tuxx and pookie showin’ the Love