Daily Power Colors & Energy Flow Report 1-17-2013

Posted on January 16, 2013


Thursday Power Colors: Burgundy, Turquoise, White, Green, Purple

I love the fortune sticks!

I love the fortune sticks!

Another active is what has been a very action packed week! Keep up whatever pace you are able, this is THE Opportunity moment of the year. We are setting the stage, foundation and pace for our success throughout the year.

We may be impatient and prone to jumping first without looking. Make yourself take a ten count before diving in without a thought.

We will feel attracted to stable, mature or even others in authority. Now is not a good time to start a long-term relationship but it is a very good time to deepen the commitment in any relationships that are ongoing.

WE have been and continue to clean out and let go of the trash that had us cluttered and drug down. We need to be sure to keep the positive, uplifting and supportive things we want in our lives at the front of our minds. Empty spaces always get filled up with something. We have to make our thoughts envision the best things possible to be sure the openness we are creating is filled with energy that will attract only the best things, people and events to our lives.

WE may be restless and unable to sleep well. Exercise and hard work are good uses for this energy flow. Creativity is on high, keep the paper, phone or computer handy to capture them. We will need them to help us later in the year.

Enjoy the day and gear up for a weekend of comfort and long-lasting energy waves.